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    Toutes nos félicitations au directeur de notre revue, le professeur Anthony M. Gould, et au membre du comité de rédaction, le professeur Jean-Etienne Joullié, qui se sont classés deuxièmes au « 2023 Annual General Meeting Academy of Management Outstanding Article Divisional Award », annoncé à Boston en août, pour leur article publié dans Academy of Management Learning and Education, 21(2) : « Having nothing to say but saying it anyway: Language and practical relevance in management research ».

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Scott Walsworth

Scott Walsworth

Dr. Scott Walsworth is an Associate Professor of Industrial Relations at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan.  Before joining the University in 2007, he completed a Ph.D. and a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto, and most recently, completed a Master of Law (LLM) in employment and labour law at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. He is the Academic Director of the Labour-Management Relations Certificate Program and the former president of the national Canadian Industrial Relations Association (CIRA) and the current director of the Saskatoon Chapter of CIRA.  Since 2020, Scott has worked as a labour arbitrator, adjudicating cases in the healthcare, public and private sectors.  He is the principal investigator on a prestigious three-year Standard Research Grant from SSHRC. With these funds, he investigates how, and under what circumstances, unions affect management decisions and firm outcomes, such as innovation, profits and employment growth. His work is published in several top journals including Industrial Relations (Berkeley), Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations and the International Journal of Human Resource Management. He teaches courses on human resources, industrial relations, and labour and employment law. He enjoys the company of a lovely wife, four energetic sons, and two lazy cats.

Could you tell us a bit about two important articles you've written in your carreer?

Students and instructors across Canada rely on this textbook to learn about our discipline.  I am proud of the way the authorship team connects theoretical debates to practical implications for today’s union leaders and managers. 

By proposing a legal test to be used by adjudicators for evaluating the enforceability of a new workplace rule, this article exemplifies the real world currency of academic research.