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L’entreprise et l’éducation des adultes

Jean-Paul Lefebvre


L'entreprise, principalement la grande entreprise, est appelée à jouer un rôle très important dans l'enseignement formel, qu'il s'agisse de la récupération scolaire ou la formation professionnelle. L'auteur indique le pourquoi et les modes.*


Business enterprises, principally the larger ones, will have in my opinion to play a very extensive role in the organization of formal education, whether in supplemental studies or in professional training. Important advantages would derive from a close cooperation between representatives of labour and management.

It will be of much interest within one or two years from now, to assess the results of a pilot experiment taking place presently at Hydro Quebec. For some time already, many firms have been interested in training their employees but they have put too strong an emphasis on industrial techniques.

Expenditures by firms in this area should not be considered to be merely philantropic ; education in fact constitutes a very sound investment. Why do interested parties not undertake to study the possibility of legislation dealing with the subject of leave of absence for study.

For the purpose of paving the way to such legislation, the experiments presently carried out under collective agreements should be used more extensively.