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Greg Bamber

Greg Bamber

Greg has expertise in various aspects of industrial relations and people management that are reflected in his books such as: International & Comparative Employment Relations, and Up in the Air: How Airlines Can Improve Performance by Engaging their Employees; and articles on such topics as aviation, health, the public sector, manufacturing, dispute settlement, “lean” management, technological change, and unions.

He is an award-winning scholar, who has served on many other editorial boards, as president and/or Fellow of several academies in the fields of industrial relations and management. He has also been an adviser for governments, served as a director on boards, and as an arbitrator and mediator for the Advisory, Conciliation & Arbitration Service, UK.

Could you describe two key articles to better understand your interest and expertise?

Does Modernizing Union Administrative Practices Promote or Hinder Union Revitalization? A Comparative Study of US, UK and Australian Unions’ 

Can a union be democratic and administratively efficient, or are these goals always at odds? This article analyses and compares the changing administrative practices of US, UK and Australian unions. The article is grounded in theory and also has practical relevance. It exemplifies my long-term interest in the theory and practice of unions.

This article, ‘Employee Voice, Intention to Quit, and Conflict Resolution: Evidence from Australia’,  offers insights into employee voice and workplace conflict. It considers two research questions: What are the relationships between employee voice at work, dispute resolution, and intention to quit? Does the type of dispute affect these relationships? It exemplifies my interest in the theory and practice of industrial relations dispute prevention and settlement.