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Lucy Taksa

Lucy Taksa

Lucy has impressive knowlodge and expertise on various aspects of  management such as history, eductation or diveristy. She also worked on gendered workplace cultures in nursing, history of occupational health and safety. We are glad to enrich our  Committe with her incredible expertise on Equal Employment Opportunities , migrant employment and humanitarian migrant labour force participation.


Could you tell us a bit about two important articles you've written in your carreer?

I have investigated the past, present and future of work and management throughout my career starting with a paper published titled Scientific management: Technique or cultural ideology in 1992. This, and subsequent papers on the enduring impact of scientific management have focused on exposing its implications for the management of workplace safety, workers', vocational and higher education and workplace culture more broadly.

Investigating diversity in the workplace has been a central interest in my research resulting in close attention to concepts of identity and intersectionality.. This paper discusses the strenghts and weaknesses of intersectionality and social identity theory, concluding that both could be enhanced through attention to treatments of hybridity in critical masculinity studies