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Submitting a Proposal for a Special Issue

Would you like to submit a proposal to the journal and act as guest editors?

Here are the key steps to follow:

  • Write an outline of the topic that interests you, accompanied by a bibliography (2-3 pages in total)
  • Contact the editorial team to submit your proposal. If successful, you will be invited to finalize the call for papers and submit a provisional schedule. Once the final version of the call for papers is accepted, the journal will disseminate it and will ask you to also distribute it within your networks

What is the role of the guest editors?

The guest editors of a special issue take charge of the peer review process. That is to say, in consultation with the journal`s editorial team they:

  • Receive submissions relating to the chosen theme and decide whether or not to send them for evaluation
  • Select reviewers for each manuscript and correspond with them
  • Receive the reports of the reviewers and produce the consolidated report, submitting comments and suggestions to the authors in order that they may produce a revised version
  • Either accept or reject articles at the end of this process. Please note that final acceptance of articles rests with the journal`s editor
  • Produce the introduction to the special issue (2-3 pages) that the journal will publish in two languages
  • Please note that guest editors undertake to respect the commitment of RI/IR to achieve parity on published articles in French and English. As such, they must be able to read and communicate in both languages

The journal takes charge of:

  • Providing sample letters or other technical support (e.g. anonymizing proposed articles before sending them for evaluation)
  • Sending the final acceptance letter to authors signed by the journal’s editor along with the request relating to the assignment of copyright
  • Publishing the accepted papers in a special issue
  • Sending the offprints (in PDF) as well as a hard copy of the issue to the authors after publication