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Scientific Evaluation

A manuscript submitted to RI/IR is firstly subjected to a preliminary evaluation by the editor, who considers its compliance with the editorial policy of the journal, its relevance to the industrial relations field and its conformance with the publication criteria for a scientific journal (theoretical or analytical framework, methodology, original results presented and discussed). If the manuscript is of interest, but it does not respect one or more of the criteria, the author will be invited to resubmit a text that does meet the criteria. If the revised manuscript meets the requirements, it will subsequently be transmitted to the scientific evaluation process (3 blind reviews).

The choice of evaluators is made according to several criteria, including the language of the manuscript submitted, the country that the research focuses upon, the problematic addressed, and the methodology utilised. Each reviewer evaluates the article based on the following criteria: originality, research problem, theoretical approach, methodology, analysis, conclusions and the overall quality of the presentation. Each reviewer will make one of the following recommendations: publication without changes; publication with minor changes; publication with major changes or a refusal. The evaluations of the reviewers must be justified in a written text and is often accompanied by suggestions for improvement.

After receiving the reports of the three evaluators, the editor transmits a consolidated report to the author, incorporating the comments and suggestions of the reviewers, as well as those of the editor. In cases where revisions are required, the author must provide a letter along with the revised article explaining how this new version responds to the comments and suggestions included in the consolidated report. Upon return of the revised version, the editor checks the changes made and produces a new evaluation. If necessary, the editor will ask the author to take further account of the reading committee’s suggestions and, if required, other changes that will improve the quality of the paper.

Generally, this process takes around one year.

Articles accepted at the end of this process will go to the publication stage.