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    A recent success will have a significant impact on the journal's trajectory

    RI/IR has recently recieved the highest grant of it history. Pr. Gould, the journal's editor, details the tremendous impact this will have on our ambitious reform program.

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    RI/IR has increased its ranking!

    One of the most prestigious journal ranking list has increased the journal's ranking. Read Pr. Gould reaction to the news.

A Sober Look at French-English Relations in Quebec

A Sober Look at French-English Relations in Quebec

W. H. Pugsley

Volume : 23-3 (1968)


The Author briefly reviews the historical developments that have led to the present cultural-linguistic situation in Québec business. He then proceeds to a realistic description of Canadian and even international markets for more and more Quebec-based secondary-manufacturing firms, stressing the need for working bilingualism and greater mobility of French-Canadian employees. In such a context, French-Canadians would get greater opportunities, and both sides would gradually abandon prejudice in favour of equity and efficiency.