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La rémunération objective des cadres et du personnel pour le Canada

La rémunération objective des cadres et du personnel pour le Canada

H. John Harker

Volume : 27-3 (1972)


An objective Method of Payment for Supervisory Personnel in Canada?

Professor Elliot Jaques, of Brunel University, has developed, out of his work as a consultant with the Glacier Metal Company, a way how to achieve equitable payment for labour.

At the centre of his system is the time-span of discretion method of measuring work. This single factor approach to measuring work is independent of occupations and thus its utilisation need not disturb differential balance patterns whenever a general change in economic conditions takes place.

Jaques claims that work measured by the time-span method correlates very highly with the individual's assessment of fair pay for that work. Thus, he hopes to introduce obvious equity into the industrial relations scène.

The claims made by Professor Jaques can be criticised on a number of grounds, among them political unreality, lack of data support, and inapplicability in the face of particular occupations. The strength of the criticisms which can be, and are, levelled at the time-span method may well prevent its application as an alternative to the collective-bargaining current in Canada today.

However, the impressive nature of the correlations cited by Professor Jaques clearly point in the direction of a profitable search for alternatives to Bargaining.