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    Volume 78-3 is online!

    The thematic issue on Dynamics of Mobilizing and Unionizing Mobility Platform Workers - A Cross-Country, Cross-Industry Analysis is now available. This issue was edited by Fabien Brugière, Donna Kesselman and Jean Vandewattyne.

  • New associate editors

    New associate editors

    Welcome to our new associate editors : Professor Tania Saba, Professor Ernesto Noronha, Professor Ann Frost and Professor Jean-Étienne Joullié!

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New ranking improvement for RI/IR!

New ranking improvement for RI/IR!

RI/IR journalIn June 2023, the Polish Ministry of Education's "Scalony" list of scientific journal rankings was updated. We're delighted to announce that Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations has had a huge improvement in its ranking!

By way of background, the Polish list, little known in Quebec, is the longest in the world, ranking over 32 000 journals across various fields of research. For us, this is a crucial list, not least because it covers three continents: Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

As of June 2023, the journal has 70 points on this list, which, according to the Minister, represents "an enormous increase" of more than 20 points. Only 7% of journals have received an upgrade. The majority of these - 80% of the 7% - saw an increase of less than 20 points! Something to be proud of!