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    Volume 78-3 is online!

    The thematic issue on Dynamics of Mobilizing and Unionizing Mobility Platform Workers - A Cross-Country, Cross-Industry Analysis is now available. This issue was edited by Fabien Brugière, Donna Kesselman and Jean Vandewattyne.

  • New associate editors

    New associate editors

    Welcome to our new associate editors : Professor Tania Saba, Professor Ernesto Noronha, Professor Ann Frost and Professor Jean-Étienne Joullié!

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    Watch this short video that introduce the journal, its recent accomplishments and our future ambitions!

Director's welcome to new associate editors

Director's welcome to new associate editors

Dear colleagues,

I want to introduce you formally to our new colleagues who will henceforth collectively take on the associate editor’s role for Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations, your journal. I could not be more pleased with the revamped team. Each of the scholars who have agreed to work with us is exceptional. Each consistently publishes in the best employment relations, industrial sociology and management-related periodicals in the world, each has vision and an impressive capacity for innovation and creativity, and each has wide-ranging and high-level international research and administrative experience and (more consequentially) accomplishments. However, above all, each of the new Ri/IR associate editors is a terrific person – generous, encouraging and always with available time to support others. From a personal perspective, I must tell you that, if I have a work-related problem or need wise counsel, our new associate editors are on my list of go-to people.

Our new associate editors for Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations are …

Professor Tania Saba

Professor Ernesto Noronha

Professor Ann Frost

Professor Jean-Etienne Joullié

As you know, I have always believed that there will be tangible benefits for the journal if we present ourselves as audacious, unafraid, inclusive, non-clannish and outward-looking. I also consider that when it comes to scholarly publishing, as is so with most aspects of work and employment, matters of geography are less important than was previously the case. We need to reflect these realities in our operating protocols.

I know each of these people well and hold each in very high regard.


Anthony Morven Gould

Director and editor of RI/IR