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Editorial Committee Member Spolight : Professor Fang Lee Cooke

Editorial Committee Member Spolight : Professor Fang Lee Cooke

5 October 2023

Fang Lee Cooke

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our editorial committee members, Fang Lee Cooke, Distinguished Professor at Monash Business School, Monash University, Australia. Professor Cooke’s research interests are in the area of strategic human resource management (HRM), knowledge management and innovation, outsourcing, international HRM, diversity and inclusion management, employment relations, migrant studies, HRM in the healthcare sector, digitalization and implications for employment and HRM; climate change, energy transition and the future of work; Sustainable Development Goals and the role of multinational firms. Fang Lee Cooke’s recent research projects examine the tensions, challenges and implications associated with these topics for various key stakeholders such as the state, employers’ associations, trade unions, workers, and labour non-government organizations. Professor Cooke has also published over 150 journal articles and 70 book chapters. She is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for PRME Research Excellence (2018) and the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (2011), Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University, Australia. She was also a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Scheme) Visiting Professor, Georg-August-Universität Goettingen, Germany (2016), and visiting professor at King’s College London (2022). She is a panel member of the United Nations Environment Programme-International Sciences Council (UNEP-ISC), foresight Expert Panel (2023-2024).


Here are two of her most recent articles :

1. Cooke, F.L. & Xu, W. (2023, in press), Extending the research frontiers of employee mental health through contextualisation: China as an example with implications for human resource management research and practice, Personnel Review.

2. Peng, K. Z., Cooke, F.L. & Wei, X. (2023, in press), Managing minority employees in organizations in Asia Pacific: Towards a more inclusive workplace?, Asia Pacific Journal of Management.