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Almost 75 years ago, in September 1945, the first issue of the journal appeared under the name Bulletin des relations industrielles. The oldest academic journal in industrial relations in the world, and the only one of its type in Canada, its self-declared mission was to “give objective information to its readers on current topics of interest to Capital and Labour (trans.)”.

At the time of its founding, all the texts in the Bulletin were published in French and English. However, this totally bilingual approach very quickly proved to be too demanding. Hence, from the fall of 1947, only the best articles were translated. Shortly after, it became usual practice, as it remains today, to publish in the language of the author, either in French or English. From 1997 to 2019, summaries have also been translated into Spanish.

Monthly publication (originally 10 issues per year) also proved to be too demanding. In 1950, the Bulletin became a quarterly periodical (4 issues per year) and, at the same time, changed its name to Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations.

In 1973, RI/IR took the final step towards the status of a scientific publication by establishing a peer review process, thus strengthening its scientific credibility and high scientific standards.

Today, disseminated by Érudit worldwide, Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations represents, through its history, the themes it addresses, its interdisciplinary orientation and its bilingual nature, a major resource for researchers in industrial relations and related disciplines. It plays an important role in the international diffusion of knowledge on contemporary issues of work and employment.