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The 21st Century Cometh: The Toughest Mission is Before Us - Les suites du 21e siècle : le plus difficile est devant nous

The 21st Century Cometh: The Toughest Mission is Before Us - Les suites du 21e siècle : le plus difficile est devant nous

Anthony M. Gould

Volume : 77-1 (2022)



A new era dawns for Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations. Commencing with 77(1), the journal is now online. This is a seismic shift that comes at the right time – and on the back of two years of solid achievement and reconfiguration. The next phase of development will be about content and universal access – about using the expertise of our contributors to tackle the 21st century`s pressing labour, work and employment-related problems. The difficulties we face are mostly universal challenges. They are tough – but our refurbished journal and its world-class authors are ready for the challenge. To repeat, it is now only content that matters. Appropriately, to start the new era, the focus will be on global matters that impact all of us who work for others for a livelihood, or depend on someone who works for others.

Here is what is in out latest edition.

  1. Chênevert, Fournier, Menvielle, Bruneau, Jutras-Aswad, Bissonnette - Lockdowns and Telework: Psychological and Work-Related Consequences

  2. Pasquier & De Becdelievre - Une tragédie pour le dialogue social? Comment le numérique a perturbé la dimension théâtrale du dialogue social lors du premier confinement lié à la COVID-19

  3. Mitri & Sartor - Change in the Prevalence of Nonstandard Employment During COVID-19

  4. Lachapelle, St-Onge & Arcand - L’importance des schémas mentaux en matière de diversité : étude exploratoire auprès d’employeurs situés en région

  5. King & Lewchuk - Occupation Health and Safety: A Failure to Protect the Right of Workers to Participate in Enforcement

  6. McBride & Adler - Debunking Lien Myths: Empirical Evidence for an Essential Tool in the Fight against Wage Theft

  7. Jafary & Carrière - Les effets des caractéristiques démographiques des arbitres sur les sentences arbitrales dans le secteur universitaire canadien

Unfortunately, I can’t really say “happy reading.” The contemporary world is a bewildering and disquieting place. What I can say is, the content in 77(1) is first-rate and cutting edge. You will be challenged. You will be alarmed. As always, tell us what you think. Our readers are our most important stakeholders. We remain, as we must, engaged with them. I and the team always respond to your emails personally.

Photo by Fang-Yuan Chuang on Unsplash


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