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Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations (RI/IR) is a bilingual quarterly published since 1945 by the Department of Industrial Relations at Laval University (Québec, Canada). It was the world's first academic journal in industrial relations and is the only journal in the field in Canada.


Call for papers

The journal wish to publish a special issue on “The New Boundaries of the Employment Relationship”. The guest editors of this special issue are Yanick Noisseux, Christian Papinot and Guylaine Vallée. Manuscripts should be submit by March 15, 2016. For more details, please consult this document.


Call for papers

The editorial team at RI/IR is interested in receiving submissions on all aspects of work and employment in either English, French or Spanish. Prospective authors are invited to submit papers roughly 7,000 to 8,000 words in length including abstract and bibliography and to ensure that their papers are ready to be reviewed by their peers. We particularly encourage recent PhD graduates to submit articles based on their doctoral research. Prospective authors must ensure that their submissions are in conformity with RI/IR style guidelines.


Books for reviews

RI/IR offers to its readers a book reviews section in which interesting books written by industrial relations specialists are critically examined. Suggestions of books to review are always welcome from our readers as are offers to review current works. If you are interested to contribute to the quality of this section as a reviewer, please contact our Associate Editor for English Book Reviews Travis Fast or our Associate Editor for French Book Reviews Yves Hallée.

70 (3) 2015


Les 70 ans de RI/IR
RI/IR celebrates its 70th year

Par Martine D’Amours


Advancing Industrial Relations Theory: An Analytical Synthesis of British-American and Pluralist-Radical Ideas
Bruce E. Kaufman and Gregor Gall

Taxonomie des conflits entre le travail et la famille : une analyse multidimensionnelle à l’aide de cartes auto-organisatrices
Thierry Wils et Aziz Rhnima

The Economic Impact of the Great Recession on Aboriginal People Living off Reserve in Canada
Danielle Lamb

Candidatures spontanées, réseaux et intermédiaires publics : quelle information et quels appariements sur le marché du travail français ?
Guillemette de Larquier et Géraldine Rieucau

Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China: Cost-Neutral Offsets
Jing Wang and Morley Gunderson

Les politiques de formation professionnelle dans les services à domicile. Influence de la structure de marché et du dialogue social en France et en Belgique
Étienne Cognard

The Prospects for Greater Enforcement of Teen Employment Laws in Alberta, Canada: “Politically, how do you make it relevant? [...] Kill more young people!“ Bob Barnetson