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Organisation des programmes de formation du personnel et leur évaluation

Jacques Lucier


A partir d'une enquête faite dans le milieu québécois sur des programmes de formation du personnel, l'auteur étudie leur nature, leur organisation, les besoins auxquels ils répondent et enfin relève les méthodes d'évaluation utilisées.


Personnel Training Programs: Organization and Evaluation

A survey was conducted in order to know the training programs most frequently used, their content, how they are organized, their needs established and their results evaluated.

A questionnaire was designed and sent to 200 concerns through the Canadian Industrial Trainers Association, the Montreal Personnel Association, and graduates from the Département des Relations Industrielles de l'Université de Montréal. From 60 answers received, 4 were excluded for specific reasons and 10 were not using any training programs at the time of the survey, leaving 46 concerns to be considered.

The study reveiled that emphasis has been given to personnel training programs in the different organizations observed. Some courses are permanent and there is practically no doubt on the part of management about their utility and their efficacy. Courses given to management on human relations are prédominent.

The results of personnel training programs however are not systematically evaluated because that would be complex and honerous task, although those who are responsible for training programs admit that an evaluation other than subjective would be necessary.