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Problèmes posés dans l’entreprise par l’éclairage des locaux

Pierrette Sartin


L'auteur établit l'importance de l'éclairage dans la production, définit la lumière du jour comme l'idéal à atteindre et admet la nécessité de recourir aux installations artificielles pour lesquelles elle établit un certain nombre de facteurs à prendre en considération.


Lighting Problems in the Enterprise

A bad lighting system leads to supplementary tiresome eye efforts and is often in addition the cause for nervous tension. It is therefore logical to say that a better lighting system will lead to a better perception and therefore to an increase in production. However lights are not the only factor influencing eye perception such as the nature of the job, the speed and accuracy required for production and the lenght of the operation. These will vary from firm to firm and even within the different departments within a plant. It is to be remembered also that eye accuracy diminishes as a person gets older.

What kind of lighting system should be used? Day light is the ideal to seek, but since it is not always possible one has to consider a few factors in using artificial systems : the intensity, the job area, the diffusion, the contrasts, the shadows, the dazzling, the reflecting areas and the maintenance of the systems.

The expenses brought about by an investment in adequate lighting will easily have much much larger yields. In the U.S., an investment equal to 5% of the total wage bill yields a 35% increase improduction. Lighting is therefore a very important but often forgotten factor influencing output.