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Editorial Policy

RI/IR is a journal dedicated to publication in the field of industrial relations, not from a traditional perspective that would limit this field to labour-management relations, but from a broad and contemporary perspective, which centres its contribution on issues related to work and employment, including labour relations and trade unionism, human resource management, public policy on work and employment, and also ergonomics and occupational health and safety.

Consistent with the field of industrial relations, RI/IR promotes a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the study of work and employment, grounded in the social sciences. Scholars from areas as diverse as sociology, heterodox economics, socio-economics, labour law, history, political science, psychology, management sciences, ergonomics and feminist studies publish the results of their research in RI/IR. Their methodology can be both quantitative and qualitative, provided that studies take a critical perspective on work and employment, which is so essential to the social sciences.

Beyond the wealth of empirical studies, the journal is also interested in publishing studies that contribute to the theoretical renewal of the field of industrial relations and its related disciplines.

Moreover, articles published should be socially relevant and likely to contribute to solving problems in the world of work and employment.

Being a journal that is rooted in Canada, but with an increasingly international influence and content, RI/IR publishes articles stemming from original research conducted by authors in Canada and from abroad. This openness to international comparisons of conditions of work and employment and of institutions regulating work and employment requires authors to ensure that the results of their research data analysis are more broadly generalizable so that they are of interest beyond the country and the specific case upon which they are based.

As a bilingual journal, RI/IR reflects the Canadian geographical and institutional reality. Among the major international journals specializing in the field of industrial relations, it is the only one that publishes in a language other than English and is committed to maintaining an equal number of French and English articles in each issue.