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RI/IR wishes to contribute to the debate on current issues relating to work and employment, including through the publication of special issues. Indeed, using this form to address certain subjects allows for a more diversified and deeper analysis of the same phenomenon, involving authors from different geographical and disciplinary backgrounds.

RI/IR welcomes researchers who would like to act as guest editors in the coordination of special issues (please refer to the journal policy regarding the submission of a special issue).

We currently have three special issues in progress:

  • A renewed approach to human resource management (HRM) (call open).
  • The new boundaries of the employment relationship (call closed).
  • Governance of systems of health and safety at work (call closed).

Over time, RI/IR has published special issues on the following subjects:

2010 to the present

  • Varieties of capitalism revisited: current debates and possible directions, 70-4, fall 2015
  • Unionism in search of autonomy and renewal in Europe, 70-2, spring 2015
  • Challenges for work and workers in the knowledge economy, 69-1, winter 2014
  • The Quebec occupational health and safety research network: a ten year update, 68-4, fall 2013
  • Public sector, public services and economic crisis: challenges, opportunities and strategies, 67-4, fall 2012
  • Social relationships at work and OHS in a changing world of work, 67-2, spring 2012
  • Employee representation in the new world of work: the dynamics of rights, voice, performance and power, 66-4, fall 2011
  • Employment relations and new actors in emerging economies, 66-1, winter 2011

2000 to 2009

  • The employment relationship: current research avenues, 63-3, summer 2008
  • Constructing new relationships with work organization in occupational transitions, 62-4, fall 2007
  • Paths to union renewal: challenges and issues, 61-4, fall 2006
  • Citizenship at work? Thinking about the workplace of the future, 60-4, fall 2005
  • Towards a social regulation of the global firm? 59-1, winter 2004
  • Ergonomics, training and workplace change, 56-3, summer 2001
  • Local unions and workplace restructuring, 56-2, spring 2001

Before 2000

  • Industrial relations in the new workplace, 54-1, winter 1999
  • Globalization, work and industrial relations, 53-1, winter 1998
  • New models of negotiations, dispute resolution and joint problem solving, 51-2, spring 1996
  • Ergonomics and industrial relations, 50-4, fall 1995
  • Unions and economic restructuring, 49-4, fall 1994
  • The future of industrial relations in the Americas, 44-1, winter 1989