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When submitting your manuscript to us, you must send 4 documents.

P.S.: Please do not send your texts in PDF format. They must be in WORD format.

1-Biographical notes

The author or authors of an article must provide biographical notes. This information should be kept separate from the main manuscript and contain the following:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Institution (with city and country)
  • Research centre
  • Full postal address (to which to send an issue)
  • Telephone
  • Email

Please also specify the order of the authors, indicating the first author and the author for correspondence within parentheses.


The anonymized manuscript (of 8000 words maximum), which must be in WORD format (with only one type of font and as few codes and styles as possible), will include, in this order:

  • a title of up to 120 characters
  • a summary of 300 words
  • an abstract of 125 words
  • between 5 and 8 keywords
  • the text (from the introduction to the conclusion, including tables at the right position)
    • Font : Times New Roman 12
    • Double spacing
  • the footnotes
  • the bibliographic references (according to the norms of the journal and with the first names of the authors)


Tables and charts will be put in the manuscript at their correct and final position.

4-Abstract, keywords and summaries

This final, separate document, with numbered pages, will contain:

  • the title of the article (up to 120 characters)
  • an abstract of 125 words
  • 4 or 5 keywords
  • the summaries of 300 words each (in French and in English)