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Aspects de la réhabilitation au Québec

Edgar Guay


La réhabilitation se dessine au pays comme le mouvement destiné à écrire le prochain chapitre de la sécurité sociale. Elle marque une évolution profonde du régime. La sécurité sociale est apparue tout d'abord comme un système de secours généralisé, par la suite comme une méthode de redistribution du revenu, dorénavant, par la réhabilitation, elle veut être un moyen de valoriser la personne humaine. Quelques questions opportunes peuvent aider à comprendre ce mouvement et à en saisir la portée. L'auteur aborde ces problèmes et présente dans cet article des aspects de la réhabilitation au Québec.


Aspects on Rehabilitation in Quebec

Rehabilitation, a new expression of social security is emphasizing the human person. A few well chosen questions may help in clarifying its aspects in Quebec. What is rehabilitation? Why are the handicapped people rehabilitated? What is the extent of the problem in Quebec? What are the resources of Quebec available to tackle the problem?

To the first question — the definition of rehabilitation by the National Advisory Committee is given and emphasis is put on the potentialities of the disabled person. Human dignity appears to be the main reason why rehabilitation must be encouraged though economic and biological factors play a great influence in the motivation for promoting the movement. The astounding figure of 80 000 disabled persons appears as reliable to state in quantity the extent of the problem in the Province.

Finally, the fourth question is answered by an elaborate exposé of all facilities under the headings: prevention, case-finding, treatment vocational guidance, professional training, placement. One is astonished to find that so many people are still on relief because of disability while there are so many resources available. It is because they are not rationally coordinated? This is a question which may come to the mind of any observer. There may be another resource which was overlooked — a sound understanding which helps to accept the disabled person as an equal in society. This esteem will translate itself into coordinated programme of rehabilitation in order to free the handicapped people of their shackles.